Have you ever wonder God can be so creative? I experienced it myself through His dream languages to me at night. It is interesting to know and find out from others while chatting with them that most people in fact has dreamed about toilet or bathroom. Most of their reaction when they talk about dreaming toilet, doing big business in the toilet, trying to clean up the poop that left behind, or even certain individual dreamt about peeing blood from their body in the toilet, they were shocked this is actually meant something about their spiritual health. What does all these symbolize in the dream?

Normally when you see toilet in your dream, or doing some action such as urinating or discharging poops from your body, the common interpretation will be spiritual cleansing or deliverance is required, in another word spiritual detoxication. At what level and how deep is the spiritual cleansing is required will depend upon the content in the dream. Taking bath or shower also represent cleansing is needed by the Holy Spirit in certain area of your life. When God choose to reveal to you, in the dream content it will reflect certain issues in your life which you need to deal with together with the toilet or bathroom situation will appear in your dream.

Psalms 51:2 (NIV) “Wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin.

I met this lady whom I lead to Christ many years ago, we did spiritual deliverance for her (similar to that of Elijah house). But after the spiritual deliverance first level, she told me that she has this recurring dream about toilet. She will dream going into a public toilet, and not able to find the right toilet cubicle. And sometime, she will dream that she was at her old home toilet taking shower and realizing that someone is stalking at her. This type of dream repeated at least once or twice in a month.

We seek God for her case, through the discernment of the Holy Spirit, we interpreted the dream that she needed deeper spiritual cleansing upon her generational roots. At that point God revealed more into her ancestors’ sin. Her ancestors who were from China has committed violent torture activity in the toilet. Hence forth this has been spiritually inherited onto her. We took the authority and break it. Since then, her recurring toilet dreams ceased.

2 Kings 5:10 (NIV) “Elisha sent a messenger to say to him, “Go, wash yourself seven times in the Jordan, and your flesh will be restored and you will be cleansed.” Why is that spiritual cleansing and deliverance is important in our walk with God? As you read this verse, is to restore whatever the enemy has stolen from us, our love, our compassion towards others, our forgiveness toward those who hurt us, God’s glory in our life and many more that disable us to enter God’s wholeness of blessings.

For instance, if you are cleaning up someone’s mess in the toilet, this could represent that you need to identify those area in your life that you have allowed the enemy to take upper hand. It could be people you associated with who carries wrong teaching of Christ, and certain ungodly worship in your surrounding that needed to clear out from your spiritual life with God.

If you are being stalked in the bathroom while taking shower, this has to do with fear in your life. The seriousness of this if not properly dealt with can turn into haunted nightmare or night terror.

Learn to understand your dreams, it is important love messages from God to realign our spirit man to Him. Have a humble heart to receive all the messages from God, as God loves us that is why He sent dreams to reveal to us what are the areas of our life that need spiritual alignment and fixing.

Always seek God for confirmation if you are not sure whether what you receive from God is what He is truly revealing to you. The God I know is no different from yours unless you choose to be different.

Live Dream – Many Toilets in Church

My wife had a dream last night. She was in a church and could not get out from there. She saw three babies were dead and were badly tortured. She wanted to help them but could not. Whenever she opened a door and wanted to come out, she just saw a toilet. There are so many toilets in the church.

Dream Interpretation:-

Spiritually death in the dreamer, even after so many new beginnings that God has given. She lost it at the end due to her sinful nature of unable to be cleansed and delivered. This is due to disbelieving that spiritual cleansing is necessary. Time for cleansing, humble yourself, forgive yourself and ask God to deliver you out of this dry season.

Written by: Mary Chu (Dream team leader)
Copyright: Fire Stone 7 Dream Centre

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