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5 Dreams in One Night

The head of witches repented

Woke Up Time : 12.18 midnight
The dreamer was in a huge self-contained house and it was so comfortable that the dreamer became lazy in leaving the house to attend the discipleship at the church, but the dreamer made extra effort and started to prepare. As dreamer was leaving the house, the dreamer saw her cousin from a distance and the cousin was lounging around and had no intention to attend the discipleship. When the dreamer asked her cousin, the cousin answered, “Lazy to go.” The dreamer walked out and started the car. The dreamer did not feel comfortable with her cousin’s answer, but the dreamer could not do anything. The dreamer pushed this thought aside and drove off.
The road was surrounded by thick forests and it was dusty, giving a spooky feeling. Throughout the journey, the dreamer felt something was tailing her, like an evil spirit was pulling her. From a distance, the dreamer saw many people were also going through what she was going through. Initially, the dreamer did not want to help the others but she took pity on them and she encouraged every one of whom she met to stay strong, to hold on and not to give in to the pull of the evil spirit. The people gained strength and was competing with the dreamer to be released from that situation. The dreamer was also encouraged too as she knew that God will surely release them from the pull of the devil. As the dreamer fought against the evil spirit, the forces suddenly disappeared just like that. While the evil forces was pulling the dreamer, the dreamer kept her eyes closed and fought the evil forces because it was growing in strength in pressing down and pulling the dreamer. While her eyes were still closed, the forces left just like that and woke up the dreamer at 12.18 midnight.

Woke Up Time : 1.38 am
After waking up at 12.18 midnight, the dreamer asked God to allow her to continue the dream. The dreamer’s purpose for leaving the house was to attend the discipleship but the dreamer had to go through a lot of things along the journey. And the dreamer was puzzled why was it so difficult for her to reach the church when the church was only nearby. As the dreamer drove to the church, she saw many people gathered in a house. The dreamer asked the village folks and was told that an old lady, whom the dreamer knows, has passed away. The dreamer was moved to pay her last respect and headed to where the body was placed. From afar, the dreamer could see that the house was shabby and dilapidated, but she was not concerned of this. The dreamer only wanted to know if the body was placed in that house and the people inside the house said yes.
As the dreamer enter into the house, she felt something was amiss. Every member of the late old lady looked very sad, and a Negro woman was sitting on the left side of the body while a plump Indian man was sitting above the head of the body. The dreamer did not feel comfortable with the passing of the old lady and she felt that there was something suspicious about the Negro woman and the Indian man, but the dreamer pushed these thoughts aside, and kept it in her heart. From a distance, the dreamer could see that the old lady was only sleeping and did not pass away. In her mind, the dreamer said to herself that this old lady will wake up and the dreamer merely stared at the body.
Out of a sudden, the old lady woke up and laughed like an old witch. Initially, the dreamer was not afraid but when she saw everybody started to run away, the dreamer became frightened. The dreamer leaped out from the house and tried to hide herself. From the screams that she heard, the dream knew the old lady was the head witch of the world and no one can match her powers. Apparently this is the second time that the old lady has died but came back to life again.
The dreamer was not satisfied and returned to the house to have a look. The Negro woman covered the the old lady like she wanted the old lady to die again, but the dreamer stopped her and the dreamer asked the Negro woman to let go of the old lady. As long as the old lady’s face was covered, she would be laughing loudly but when it was not, her face would like calm and she looked grateful to be alive. The old lady started to lose her strength and at the same time, the old lady smiled at the dreamer. The dreamer felt at peace and thankful that she could help the old lady. The dreamer did not believe that the old lady was a head witch. In the dreamer’s mind, “This must be the second chance granted by God for the old lady to repent.”
Awoken at 1.38 am.

Woke Up Time : 3.18 am
As the dreamer was not fully satisfied yet, the dreamer returned to the old lady’s house to look for evidence. The dreamer entered the house quietly and attempted to investigate what the old lady hid and kept from others. The dreamer headed into the old lady’s house and she saw the old lady placed something on top of a small cupboard, and left the room to go to the toilet. The dreamer took this chance to enter the room to see what the old lady kept. There were many things in the cupboard but one thing caught the dreamer’s eyes, and it was an old radio cassette player which was still functioning. When the dreamer switched it on, the dreamer was surprised that the player played a worship song, and the dreamer was amazed with the old lady’s faith. As the dreamer liked the worship song, the dreamer was momentarily brought away and when she realised that the old lady could return to the room at any time, the dreamer panicked and tried to turn off the player but it did not work. Meantime, the door swung open and the dreamer quickly hid herself. The old lady walked into the room and she was surprised to find the player was turned on. The old lady did not suspect anything. Instead, she was at ease and was enjoying the worship song. The old lady climbed up to her bed and slept soundly and peacefully. The dreamer was touched that the old lady was not bothered with anything, other than to praise and worship God.
Woken up at 3.18 am.

Dream Interpretation:-
The dreamer is living in a comfort zone without realizing how many blessings the dreamer had missed out. (huge-self-contained house, comfortable and lazy). Somehow the Lord has put the urge for the dreamer to move and realign with Him. (the dreamer walk out and start the car. The dreamer pushed this thought aside and drove off).

As the dreamer was in the midst of the journey, the dreamer and others that the dreamer associated with, had the same encountered with the power of the dark forces, witchcraft practise. (Negro, Indian) There were hurt and pain caused by the others in the dreamer’s life. (initially, the dreamer did notwithstanding to help the others) The love of Christ in the dreamer has overcome such pain and hurt, the dreamer is healed, be blessed and in return to bless those who needed. (she took pity on them, encourage everyone of whom she met). Throughout such journey with the Lord, not only the dreamer witness the deliverance of dark forces of one’s life and also the passion toward the lost and undesirable. (story about the old woman) Dreamer always carries such passion in life and able to move further as dreamer harvest the boldness of Christ and power of God in dreamer’s spirit. (The dreamer was not satisfied and returned to the house to have a look) Dreamer has the heart of Christ to extend help toward those who needed such love from God. (The dreamer did not believe that the old lady was a head witch.) Dreamer also desire to discover more about God’s movement towards others life and also dreamer’s life. (The dreamer entered the house quietly and attempted to investigate what the old lady hid and kept from others.)

The humbleness in the dreamer’s life is the key to wage war and have victory over the enemy. Stay close with the Lord, constantly praise and worship Him in tongue. You will find those bondages soon be broken and delivered onto God’s hand. Be bold and be brave forever for the Lord!

Time: – 12:18 represent 1+2+1+8 =12, 1:38 represent 1+3+8 = 12, 3:18 represent 3+1+8 = 12. Amazing God! All came to 12 which represent elect purposes of God.

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