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Steep Road at nearly 90 degree

Received : 31.12.2016
Source : Email

I’ve been attending this church for just over a year. My previous church was at Jackie Pullinger’s 2nd congregation. God gave me a word and told me to go there because it’s nearer to my home and possibly find my future spouse. But God did not tell me to go to this current church. I’ve been praying and telling God I have a desire to move to another church where people and I have more in common such as age and similar walk with the Lord. I received these dreams around the time after praying those prayers.

[18/11 Evening 7:19] I had a dream on Tuesday. I dreamt that Noelle (current small group leader) and I were both serving the Lord together. I think we were making food.

[18/11 Evening 7:21] I had a dream last night. I was outside a house. Somehow I was with the GTD people (Christian camp helpers) from Taiwan but I didn’t see them. I saw Benny (young adult small group leader) enter into a car with me. We were deciding who should be driving. I said I’ll drive. While I was driving I saw many people walking on the road, I overtook them. There were road works with many traffic cones, I almost drove on the wrong side of the road (right side) then I corrected my steering and drove back on the correct side. While driving I felt like I was in England because the area looked like the West Denton of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Up ahead I saw a very steep road at nearly 90 degrees going upwards. It was very tall. I’ve never seen a road this steep before. I drove up this road. While driving upwards I discovered I was driving up an apartment flat. When we reached the top of the apartment I saw the top of the apartment, I became afraid I wanted to drive back down. I drove back down in reverse instead of going forward because I was too afraid to look down from a tall building and drive downwards at the same time.

Dream Interpretation:-
First dream is showing you that you are comfortable with the Christmas story (Noelle) and you have been telling people (serving the Lord together…making food) about the birth of Christ.

Second dream. Benny means mighty. Driving a car in this dream is your live journey. You are very eager to rise up in your spiritual walk with the Lord but in your journey, you have not been nurtured among believers (with GTD people but I didn’t see them). The Lord is with you but you embark into this journey with you in charge (deciding who should be driving….I said I’ll drive), and the Lord (Benny) as your accompanist (enter into a car with me). You bypass people who build their spiritual growth step by step (I saw many people walking on the road, I overtook them). You have faced major setbacks (road works with many traffic cones) and at some point you could have been badly injured (almost drove on the wrong side of the road). But you continued your journey (I corrected my steering and drove back on the correct side) but the journey has been very depressing and not prosperous (West Denton).

You want to rise up far above everyone (nearly 90 degrees going upwards), to dwell in a higher perspective and anointing that you so desire. As you continue on this journey, you realised that this is a transition (discovered I was driving up an apartment flat). You experience for a short time only what is the high place of dwelling but as all this is done without the Lord initiating, you couldn’t see very far (I saw the top of the apartment), your prophetic gifting didn’t develop well and you are afraid and you wanted to retrace your steps (drive back down). To drive in reverse, you need to turn your head around on the direction of the movement so you can see where you are going and to avoid collision. When you face major setbacks (drove back down in reverse), you make irrational decision and falsely comforting yourself that it is safer not to know what is going on (I was too afraid to look down from a tall building and drive downwards at the same time).

From these 2 dreams, your set backs are more your attitude and your own desire because the Lord is not the “driver” in your life journey. Repent and invite the Lord to be in all aspects of your life. You have done well in asking him about changing church and it is right to think back whether he asked you to leave the first church.

Matt 7:21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.”

Dreamer’s Response:
Hi, thank you so much for the interpretation. I’m sorry for my late response. I believe the interpretation is very accurate. In 2016-2017 I’ve met 3 other Christians who do not know me yet God spoke to me and gave detailed accurate information about me. One of the Christians who prophesied over me was Pastor Brian Hay (you’ve probably heard of him), the other two were an apostle and a pastor. In January an apostle also said something about the steep road and that I would go up this road half way and come back down again. I acknowledge I need to involve God in everything I do instead of doing what I think is right (Prov 14:12, Prov 3:6), sometimes a person can be deceived into believing they are involving God in their lives when they’re not. I’m thankful for God for telling me. My environment has also changed after I moved to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a very fast paced city and where everything is happening so fast and there’s so many different Christian activities, it can be quite difficult to keep track of everything happening, and returning home very late and becoming tired the next day. When this cycle continues you become more and more tired. I also need to revive my prayer life spend more time with the Lord in prayer and reading His word.

Observation from dream team:

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