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Losing My Baby Girl

From a missionary friend, received on April 11

Sister, I had a nightmare about losing my baby girl Noa, grief overwhelming, pain in my heart unimaginable, can’t even breath.

Dream Interpretation:-
Fear is attacking your faith with Christ, there is a fear of losing your love toward others, in other word fear of not loving others enough. Nightmare often indicates the significant of such fearful spirit in your life. You need to invite God to take care of this fear in you. Very deeply rooted in your life for a while, ask God to reveal further. Rather traumatic when you were young.

Noa is one of five Daughters Zelophehad (Hebrew: בְּנוֹת צְלָפְחָד) were five sisters – Mahlah, Noa, Hoglah, Milcah, and Tirzah – mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, (Numbers 27) who lived at the end of the Israelites’ Exodus from Egypt as they prepared to enter the Promised Land and who raised before the Israelite community the case of a woman’s right and obligation to inherit property in the absence of a male heir in the family. God’s promise is at hand, overcome fear and claim His promise for your life.

Dreamer’s Response:

Observation from dream team:

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