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Big, blood red heart filled with worms like creature

Source: Firestone gmail
Received on the 9 May 2016 7:11 pm

May 9, 2016 around 6:03 pm. I saw a big, blood red heart filled with worms like creature, all go through the heart in different direction, different speed. The heart is a healthy red heart shape. After about half an hour, I saw a big golden sword with jewellery on it (a big red ruby was in the middle of the handle) was put in the middle of red heart. No more worm like creature.
Thanks very much for the interpretation.

Dream Interpretation:
9, 2016=5+9+2+0+1+6=2030=2+3=5 represent the grace of the Lord. 6:30=8 represent Holy Spirit, perfect movement, end, renewed and full of blessings.
In this dream the Lord is showing you that there is generational disease/sickness in your bloodline(big red heart filled with worm like creature, all go through the heart)into different level of the generation lines(different direction)it will manifest at different time and season(different speed)by the grace and mercy of the Lord and at the perfect movement of the Holy spirit, HE has eliminated/ put to end the curses in your generational blood line(a big golden sword, put in the middle of the red heart). The blood red color represents the power in the blood of Jesus and the stripes He bore for our healing. Your healing starts from the heart. Jewellery: valued prize possession; Sword is His word and the most powerful weapon. Golden sword with Jewellery means that His word has been tried and proved to be true and valuable in the welding of life situations. Ruby represents Christ. In all you do (touch, lift and hold), Christ needs to be center (a big red ruby was in the middle of the handle).There will a big turn around and renewal of mindset in your families, entering into the fullness of God promises. Ground yourself with the word, it is your sword to defeat your enemies. Allow God to perform renewal in your mind set, you need to move into hearing God and receiving His spiritual gifting in your life.

Dreamer’s Response:
Thanks very much to the team. Received the interpretations which are very eye opening. Read them again and again. “Thank you Dream Team. That’ s amazing. That’s something very relevant to me.”

Observation from dream team:

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