What is dream to you? In general, definition of dream is “a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep, or an involuntary vision occurring to a person when awake.” However, in the word of God, dream is one of the ways that God uses to communicate with His children.

“Acts 2:17….Your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams.” The scientist has not been able to proof why us human dream at night. In God, He likes to speak to us while we have absolute no control over our emotions or desires while we are asleep. Interesting isn’t it?

Many have misunderstood about dreams in their life. Many think that dreams are not important and some even choose to ignore them entirely. Surprisingly many Christians have the same mentality towards dreams that God has given to them. They thought only the high priests, pastors, or elders of the churches are entitled to dream dreams carry revelation. Similar they choose to interpret God’s word in the bible, failing to see that Daniel is just a commoner back then.

Let me realign your wrong mindset about dreams in your life. I am a dreamer. Before I came to know the Lord, I always had bad dreams, for instance, being chased by someone, always running away from something, fighting or arguing with others, and occasionally kicking physically in my sleep. Rather I called that a rough sleeper. After I was baptised, I learn to pray, and my very first prayer is to ask God to give me His dreams, no bad dreams. Guess what it works. All my bad dreams or violent dreams stopped. But at that point, I have no idea what is it all about, as I was not being exposed to the dream interpretation teaching. (Ps: I am a chartered accountant by profession, no title in the church setting)

Gradually as I grew in my spiritual life with God, I started to realise that God speaks to me thru dreams. The first dream that made me realised was when I dreamt that my first child will be a girl. Two months later I was pregnant and it is a girl. Thereafter I learned thru discerning from the Holy Spirit to interpret all the dreams that God has given to me. I have learned a lot thru dreams that God has given to me over the years of my spiritual walk with God.

Most of my dreams are speaking to me, about me, about areas of my life that require correction in my spiritual walk with God. Gradually as I grow deeper with God, I realised God started to speak to me in revelation dreams about the church I was attending. Stage by stage, I learn to discern and understand my own dreams thru the guidance of the Holy Spirit and with the word of God. At present, most of my dreams being revealed to me by God are in relation to the ministry that I am involved.

Certain dreams are very symbolic, again it can be very literal as well. Learning how to decode numbers, symbols in the dreams are part of our spiritual life with God. I must say this here, if you are leaders of your churches, and you happen to dream about your pastors or other leaders that you work with, do not necessary means that the dream is about these individual, 90% of the dreams are about dreamers themselves. Those individuals appear in your dreams, are symbolic representative about your certain faults of spiritual characters, or certain issues that God wants to reveal to you.

I met many individuals who claims to be very matured in their spiritual walk with God, however, surprises me was that when they shared their dreams and interpretation, they took on the characters that appeared in their dreams are literally problem that God has revealed. Instead of seeing it that often is themselves that God is trying to reveal.

Pay attention to you daily dreams, as we can dream up to 7 times per sleep cycle in our daily life. If you say that you cannot remember your dream, then you pray before you go to sleep that God will help you to remember your dreams. Do not let the enemy to snatch away the dreams that God has given to you.

Why dreams are God’s love languages to us? It does not matter whether is a bad dream, nightmares or ordinary dreams, it is thru dreams God let us know the areas of our spiritual life need attention and need fixing so that the enemy will not have upper hand upon our life.

If you have read about the nightmare article that I wrote earlier, you will realise that God uses nightmare to reveal to us area of life that has root opening for the enemy to create fear in our spiritual walk with God. All of us knows that God does not give you that sort of fear in your life, with the dream, you will find out those dark areas which was not known to you, and you will have the opportunity to receive spiritual deliverance and cleansing from all these.

All glory to God, I must say, learn to pay attention to your dreams that God has given to you. Seek the Holy Spirit to help you to interpret, else you are welcome to send in your dreams to our website to receive biblical interpretation.

“John 3:3 Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God” Let realign your mindset and be borned again in your spiritual walk with God.

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