Night terrors technically are not nightmares or dreams. Night terrors are characterized as a sleep disorder called Parasomnia. What causes night terrors? It typically occur when the dreamer is worn out or exhausted, overdose with drugs, alcohol, prolonged period of emotional tensions, stress, personal conflicts, expose to witchcraft practise, fortune telling or any occult activities.

In the last article 1 – 5777, I mentioned about nightmares, when nightmares are not properly being dealt with, it will transform into night terrors. Night terrors usually occur between midnight and two in the morning. This normally leaves the dreamer with an extreme foreboding and fear. Dreamer will be awoken with an abrupt or partial awakening, with a scream of terror, gasp, or yelling. At times dreamer will experience tremendous fear, confusion or a racing heartbeat. In accordance to the research, most individual who has experienced night terrors, they cannot remember the details, but haunted with tremendous fear.

In another view about night terrors are with those individuals who are being exposed to witchcraft, overdose of drugs or alcohol, they tend to experience the spirit realm. What do I mean about the spirit realm? It is physical experience the presence of the demonic forces in them. They will recall terrifying hallucinations, literally feeling the snake bites, spiders crawling over their body, demons suffocating them. This type of victims will report demons coming at night to torment their minds. They will see in the spirit realm that the demons are lurking about, evil being hovering over them while they are helplessly paralysed.

I ever minister to a young adult who was in this situation. At the initial stage she started off with nightmares when she was in her teens. At that point of time, she has not come to know Jesus. As she became a young adult, her lifestyles continue living in the worldly temptation ways, and she involved in worship other goddess and has a symbolic sexual tattoo in her body. She was unable to sleep at night, and often she sees the dark spirit hanging around her bedroom. The most remembered night terror she has was the snake bite. She woke up that morning seeing those bitten marks on her neck. At that point of time, she has accepted Christ in her life, but that did not stop the night terrors from haunting her.

How do we deal with night terrors? Let use this young lady as a living testimony and how God delivered her out of this mess. We identify her root issues in her life, what has caused the nightmares during teenager time. We asked God to reveal the open doors in her life that has caused such night terrors in her life.

She came from a broken family, she was not loved by the parents, so broken when she entered her teens. Her father was unfaithful, hence has caused the root issues to her present situation. Her involvement at the later years into occult worship which she did not see it was harmful to her spirit and the symbolic represent of the tattoo that she has on her body. We nailed all these to the cross, repented and ask God to reverse all the curses and deliver her into God’s hand. After all the spiritual cleansing, this young lady is able to sleep full cycle of sleep at night, no more nightmares or night terrors.

She starts to dream dreams that are with correction, direction and even revelation from God. The most important teaching that this young lady has received is to build an intimate relationship with God. She receives the gift of discernment and the seer anointing in her life. Walking closely and able to see and understand what God has for her.

Satan’s kingdom of darkness operates on fear, deception, sickness, addiction, death and destruction. Satan is the biggest liar you ever known, he will take everything from you every blessing that God has for you. So, do not fall into the trap of the enemy believing that you do not need to deal with nightmares or night terrors in your life.

A blessing is always stronger than a curse. Decree this prayer: Proverbs 3:24-26 “When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet. Do not be afraid of sudden fear not of the onslaught of the wicked when it comes; For the Lord will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being caught.” God’s plans are always to prosper us and not to harm us. Jeremiah 29:11.

What about “night terrors in children”, how are you going to deal with it? That will be in the next article.

Our dream interpretation ministry also teaches you how to interpret your own dreams. We would like to share the night terror experienced by a young man and its treatment.

Live Night Terror: Suffocated By Demon

I was paralysed all of the sudden, I know that I was awoken but then again the feeling is like half sleeping again knowing what is happening. It is so real, the evil’s hand is on my neck suffocating me, I cannot breathe, I cannot scream for help. I fell off my bed, feeling being nailed and unable to move. I am going to die.
(David experiencing the night terror after overdose with drugs and alcohol, this was shared to me by his wife as the wife is seeing all this happening)

Prayer has been extended to David, guided him with powerful prayer and ministering the wife to pray for him. David soon has been delivered out from drug addiction and over consumption of alcohol. Thereafter all these night terrors have not been occurring anymore. Instead dreams from God of his life direction and situation.

Written by: Mary Chu (Dream team leader)
Copyright: Fire Stone 7 Dream Centre

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