In series 2, I mentioned that I will teach about second heaven vs third heaven.
Many Christian, do not have an overall understanding on how the demonic forces
operate in our surrounding atmosphere.
Second heaven revelation does not come from God but from the demonic realms,
thus the name “second heaven.” According to Christian tradition, the “first heaven”
is the physical sky above us including the atmosphere and stratosphere and such.
The “second heaven” is the realm where the devil resides and the “third heaven” is
what we think of as the spiritual Heaven, the place where God resides.
The phrases “first heaven” and “third heaven” are in the bible, but the phrase
“second heaven” is not.
In 2 Corinthians 12:2, where Paul says, “I know a man in Christ who fourteen
years ago–whether in the body I do not know, or whether out of the body I do not
know, God knows–such a one was caught up to the third heaven.” Jesus
constantly made reference to “your “Heavenly Father” or “your Father in
In Matthew 5:16,45,48, Matthew 6:1,9,14,26,32, is referring to “His Heavenly
Father” (God) who does not reside where man resides but Who lives in Heaven (a
spiritual place).
If you get out your concordance and search for “second heaven,” you won’t find it.
But the concept of a “realm of the devil” is present in Scripture.
Why Do We Need To Understand Second Heaven?
~ To learn/discern the different between the voice of God or someone is imitating
His voice.
~ Need to study and be aware of the enemy’s tactics, so that we don’t fall prey to
~ To realise and recognise not all 2ndheaven revelation, dream and vision come in
the form of destruction. It comes also as prophecy of judgement or impending
Comparison of Second Heaven and Third Heaven

Second Heaven – satan Reside     Third Heaven – God Reside
~ induce fear, anxiety, or hopelessness  ~ faith, love and hope
~ induce fear, anxiety, or hopelessness    ~ faith, love and hope
~ kill, steal and destroy  ~ redeem, restore and build
~ deliver negativity message    ~ deliver positive message
~ release horrible warning messages
with no solution
~ release warning messages with clear solution
~ depicting the plans of enemy   ~ plans of God
~ Tear down faith       ~ Build up faith
~ Targeting immature Christian  ~ All believers of Christ
~ Mislead to take on responsibility not
from God 
~ Clear callings from God
~ Come from realm of demon      ~ Come from realm of heavenly Father
~ Frequently carries a sense of urgency   ~ In God’s divine time and plan


Second heaven revelation is not intended to bring God’s glory or advances His
Kingdom. The devil imitates many things God does.
Second Heaven Target on Immature Believers
How will these affect dreams and its interpretation? For instance, if you have a
dream about tsunami is going to hit your land, or earthquake, or massive
destruction and death, how do you interpret it? If you are operating in the second
heaven realm, there will be fear, anxieties being released into the atmosphere.
Instead of understanding from God what the dream means, you will end up
interpreting with your own fearful spirit. Releasing fear and wrong messages to
others — leaving the feeling of desperate to do something to stop or lessen the
death and destruction. But at the same time, are powerless to do so.
God does not operate the same way when He releases warning messages; when
God gives us a message, He also clearly shows us what to do with it. But second
heaven revelation leaves the person with horrible information and helpless to do
anything effective with it. Second heaven revelation gives a message of impending
disaster that is terrifying but somewhat vague, and nothing can be done to prevent
that disaster.
“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against
powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of
wickedness in the heavenly places.” (Ephesians 6:12)
However, as we also know, Satan also has many of his demons who are working
down here on this first heaven, which I believe is our earth. Many people call these
earthbound demons. These are the demons who will try and attach to people,
whether it be to get in on the inside of their bodies, or follow them around like a
dark cloud trying to cause as much trouble and mayhem as they possibly can with
That is why some of us have nightmare or night terror or fearful content dreams. In
some part of our life being exposed to ungodly worship thru ourselves or our
ancestors. Many dreams that had sent into our website or here in Wei Mu contain
this type of dreams, and the interpretation often reflect the needs of spiritual
cleansing due to generational roots being exposed to demonic forces which carry
curses. And all these curses needed to be dealt with on the cross.
Inviting the intimacy with God, harvesting your heart alignment with the Holy
Ones is the key in our walk with God. Psalm 51:10-12 “Create in me a pure heart,
O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Do not cast me from your presence
or take your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant
me a willing spirit, to sustain me.”


When our spirit man is in alignment with the Holy Spirit, we will operate in the
third heaven revelation, receiving God’s blessing and enter into His goodness of
love in our life.
The most common dreams that people have are:-
(1) Dreams of houses. House normally represents the individual’s life and the
circumstances taking place in the house reflects the activity in that person’s
life. These dreams may represent the church as well.
(2) Dreams of going to school. Normally this represents sitting for a test for the
purpose of promotion. An opportunity has been given to learn from the past
failure. High school dreams can be a sign that you are enrolled in the school
of Holy Spirit.
(3) Dreams of various vehicle. These may indicate the calling of a person as the
vehicle purposed to carry them from one point to another, and the vehicle
represent the type ministry that a person be engaged in.
(4) Dreams concerning storms. These often hint of things that are on the horizon
both dark negative storms demonic attack for the purpose of prayer, and
showers of blessing the other eminent.
(5) Dreams of flying. These dreams deal with the spirit capacity to rise above
problems, difficulties, to soar into the heavenly realm.
(6) Dreams of being naked or expose. These dreams are about transparency.
(7) Dreams of a condition of your teeth. These normally represent the crisis of
our lives are coming to an end.
(8) Dreams of past relationship. These normally indicate the person might fall
back into the old pattern and ways of thinking.
(9) Dreams of dying. These is symbolic of something that is passing away or
departing from your life.
(10) Dreams of birth. About new season, purpose, destiny coming forth in life.
(11) Dreams of taking a shower. These are cleansing type of dreams.
(12) Dreams of fallings. These dreams may reveal that there is fear of losing
control in some area of our life.
(13) Dreams of chasing or being chased. Life is about constant pursuit of God.
These dreams often reveal enemies are at work, coming against your life on
purpose. On the opposite side, they may include passionate pursuit of God in
your life and you towards Him.
(14) Dreams called nightmare. These dreams are more frequent with children or
with new believers in Christ. They again reveal generational enemy at work
which they need to be cut off.
(15) Dreams of snakes. These dreams reveal the serpent, the devil and his
demonic forces at work through accusation, lying, deception and attacks.
(16) Dreams of cats and dogs. Symbolizes friendship, loyalty, protection and
good feelings. Dreams of dogs may also reveal the dark side including
growling, attacking and the biting.
(17) Dreams of going through door. These indicate change is coming, new
ways, new opportunity, new advancement are on the way.
(18) Dreams of clocks and watches. These dreams reveal the time, a wake up
call in the body of Christ or nation. It is time for full alertness and to be
(19) Dreams with scriptures and verses. These indicate messages from God, and
it is a watchman type of dreams. Dreams of instructions fill with the ways
of wisdom.
(20) Dreams with idols, other god images. These symbolize false teaching upon
your life, or even your surrounding of influences or your generational
(21) Dream with swimming pool, water or river. These commonly symbolize
the movement of God, going deeper with the Holy Spirit. Color of the
water is very crucial will indicate the type of environment you are dwelling
in. For instance, muddy water represent area in your life being blocked or
require cleansing in your spirit man.
Repeated dreams are common. Usually repeated dreams is where God is
constantly revealing your root issues that you need to deal with, or certain
things are warning toward certain weakness sinful nature in you. Some repeated
dreams which normally bring fear represent certain events happened in your life
which is a traumatic experience for you.
Fearful dreams. The content of this type of dreams normally create fear in you.
Haunted by demonic forces, attack by demon, bitten by snakes, strangle on your
neck or being watched from window. You will then need to relook at your
generational root issues, curses or being exposed to violent teaching since
In the next series, I will share on more symbols, colors, numbers in dreams and
those pictorial images common meaning.


Copyright: Mary Chu – Firestone7 Dream Centre.

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