In series 2, I shared great deal about building your inner man spirit, building an
intimacy relationship with God. Surprisingly recently when I was writing this
teaching series, God has revealed to me in dream that many Christians has very
shallow knowledge about building an intimacy relationship with God . Like
they do not know how, other than reading the word of God, sing praises to Him,
pray and etc.
Ephesians 5:25-31 “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church
and gave himself up for her 26 to make her holy, cleansing[ her by the washing
with water through the word, 27and to present her to himself as a radiant church,
without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless. 28In this
same way, husbands ought to love their wives as their own bodies. He who
loves his wife loves himself. 29 After all, no one ever hated their own body, but
they feed and care for their body, just as Christ does the church—30for we are
members of his body.”
In the above parable teaching, God uses husband and wife to express His
relationship with the churches. Building that intimacy with God is to desire
Him, thinking about Him, communicating with Him just like how you
communicate with your love one. Other than reading His word, we need to walk
into His word of truth as living testimony for Him. God desires your true self.
Understand His words in your life, let those words be rooted in your walk with
I am a very busy person, my daily routine is filled up with works, errands and
children. How do I find time to build that intimacy with God? You will be
surprised, I pray in tongue while I am driving to work, stuck in the traffic jam.
Even pray or communicate with God while I was doing my shopping for
household needs. Finding parking, I pray and seek God for His blessing. Every
morning when I wake up, I praise God and start communicating with Him. If I
have dream that morning, my spirit will automatically tune in with the
frequency of the Holy Spirit, start interpreting and seeking for God’s revelation
upon the dream He releases to me.
The more we desire Him in our life, your relationship will be closer with Him.
Rely upon God, upon everything in our life. Have you ever try when you are
cooking or baking, you invite the Holy Spirit to be the chef? I did and my very
close sister in Christ did that as well. And every time when we cook some new
recipe, it always turn out to be delicious and added flavor from Heaven. Do you
believe that? Not till you try it.
In this series, I will share more about colors and numbers appear in dream. God
is very creative. He often uses colors and numbers in our dream to express His
thought and messages what He wants to deliver to us.
Often we dream about certain colors appear in our dream, it has its symbolic
meaning. They can be positive or negative meaning depending upon the
atmosphere in the dream.
For instance, white color appears in your dream whereby you dream that you
are dressed in white dress, feeling delighted while worshipping the Lord. In this
context the “white” can represent love, holy power, or purity. On the other
hand, where you dream that there is white snake appear in your dream, this
“white” represent the religious spirit, fearfulness or false righteous.
Call you recall whether your dreams are filled with colors? Or just black and
white background? Some of the individuals that have shared with me that their
dreams are often in black and white background. No colors at all. If you are one
of them, do seek God to bring back colors in your dreams.
Colour Symbols
Positive: The Spirit of the Lord ; Wisdom ; Anointing ; Power ; Prophetic
Anointing; Blood Atonement ; Passion ; Fire ; Love.
Negative: Sin ; Death ; Anger ; Rage ; Lust ; Hatred ; Bloodshed.
Positive: Innocence ; Purity ; Childlike.
Negative: Lack of passion ; Immoral ; Flesh.
Positive: Spirit of Counsel; Growth ; Provision ; New life of beginning.
Negative: Inexperienced ; Immature ; Pride ; Envy ; Jealousy ; Flesh.
Positive: Spirit of Might; Faith ; Spiritual communion with God ; Word of God ;
Grace ; Revelation ; Heaven ; Holy Spirit ; Blessings ; Healing ; Skies ; Peace.
Negative: Depression ; Sorrow ; Anxiety ; Isolation ; Hopelessness ; Coldness ;
Positive: Authority ; Royalty ; Intercession ; Apostle ; Kingship ; Spirituality ;
Negative: Rule good of evil ; Arrogance ; Flamboyance ; Mourning ;
Exaggeration ; False authority ; Dishonesty ; Jezebel.
Positive: Love ; Spirit of the Lord ; Holy Power ; Purity ; Light ; Righteousness
; Blameless ; Cleanliness.
Negative: Coldness ; Surrender ; Cowardice ; Fearfulness ; Religious spirit ;
Witchcraft ; False righteousness.
Positive: Neutral ; Moved with passion ; Mystery.
Negative: Sin ; Grief ; Death ; Physical affliction ; Enemy; Judgement of God ;
Wickedness ; Demonic.
Numbers are very common in dreams. God often express Himself using some
mystery ways to reflect numbers in our dreams. For instance, the wake up time
in our dream can be a “bible verse”. One of our dreamers who shared her
episode dreams with us, she has three dreams in one night, it is about “the head
of the witch repented.” She woke up in her first dream at 12:18am midnight,
then she pray and went back to sleep, have her second dream, woke up at
1:38am, pray and went back to sleep again, have her third dream and woke up
at 3:18am.
When we interpreted the dreams, at first we thought this could be bible verses
that God wanted to reveal. But no, it wasn’t. As I gathered all the numbers and
start decoding them, this is what happened:-
12:18 = 1+2+1+8 = 12
1:38 = 1+3+8 = 12
3:18 = 3+1+8 = 12
How amazing God can be. All three waking hours came down to the number 12.
In the three dreams, the interpretation reflected that at the end the head of the
witch repented and acknowledge God. 12 represent the elect purposes of God.
In series 1, I shared in one of the dream whereby you break down big numbers
that has reflected in the dream. For instance, 5300, then you will break it down
to 5+3+0+0 = 8 which represent new birth/beginning. 45127 = 4+5+1+2+7 = 19
represent faith.
There are strange combination of alphabet and numbers appear in dream. Such
as in the dream I saw this sign board indicating “abx5599” or “e2t20oGod”
How are you going to decode this one? There are 26 alphabets, lets number
them, a=1, b=2, c=3……z = 26.
abx5599 = 1+2+24+5+5+9+9 = 55 = 5+5 = 10 = fullness, completeness
e2t20oGod = 5+2+20+2+0+15+7+15+4 = 70 = perfect spiritual order
Only our amazing Father in Heaven can do wonder as such, and only with His
help and guidance, we are able to receive such decoding revelation. It is
definitely not from our human mind that can relate to this method but of God.
Number Symbols
1 : Omnipotent God ; Beginning ; Link between heaven and earth.
2 : Separation ; Division ; Contrast ; Testimony ; Witness ; Revelation ;
3 : Holy Trinity ; Perfect witness and testimony ; Completeness ; God head
three in one ; Kindness ; Entirety.
4 : Weakness ; Four corner of earth ; God’s creative works ; number of seasons ;
5 : Grace ; Favor ; Redemption ; Freedom ; Bread of life.
6 : Weakness of man ; Wrestling with carnal mind ; serpent ; incompleteness ;
7 : Completeness ; Fullness ; Wholeness ; Spiritual perfection ; Purification.
8 : New beginning or birth ; Teacher ; Resurrection ; Abounds in strength.
9 : Holy Spirit perfect movement ; Conclusion ; Tribulation ; Renewal.
10 : Law ; Trial ; Order ; Testing and responsibility ; 10 plague and
commandments ; Divine order ; Completeness ; Wilderness.
12 : Elect purpose of God ; 12 Apostles ; Spirit world ; Divine government.
777 ; Christ
There are many more symbols appear in dream. Different tribes or cultures, God
uses their common language or symbols to speak to them in dream. It does not
mean that if you have learned about your own dream symbols it will directly
apply to others. It all comes back to one thing, always seek God to reveal to you
the dream meaning. Common symbols meaning only make it easier for you to
enter into the interpretation. Firestone7 dream team members is currently
experiencing these, as we have been receiving a lot of dreams from China, their
dwelling, cultural symbols and teaching are very different from ours.
For one to understand and able to interpret your own dream, it is useful if you
understand about your background teaching from young, cultural background,
your ancestors roots or common practice.
For instance, my grandmother practiced idol worshiping, she went into the
extend of hearing the death releasing word of blessing. When I first came to
know Jesus as my savior, I recalled this dream – “Full of fear, dropped into a
huge drainage with high rising and swift flow of water current, life threatening
situation. The dream is in darkness, no light and no colors.” When I seek God
for revelation upon this dream, God reveals to me about what my grandmother
has done. It has been confirmed to me that my grandmother did practice those
ungodly worship when she was younger.
If you have similar encountered as what I had experienced, it is important that
you learn to interpret your dreams, receive the revelation from God. From the
revelation of the dream, you will be able to pray and be set free from all these
ungodly spiritual inheritance from your ancestors’ roots of curse.
In the next series, which is series 5, the last series for this batch of dream
interpretation teaching, I will share more about inner healing and deliverance
from dreams. How to go deeper and able to be deliver and healed thru your
Copyright: Mary Chu – Firestone7 Dream Centre.

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